Is It Worth the Cost to Go to College for Web Design?

Right now is a strange time for web design, because over the last two years – with the help of various platforms – the industry has become a lot more democratized. This means that many people are skipping the web designers and going for layouts that are already on efficient content management platforms. About ten years ago, web designers were also programmers, which made their services worth a lot of money. However, there is still plenty of room for web designers. As a result of this democratization, there has been a lack of specialization, which means that you can earn a decent living designing websites for movie distributors, big banks, and other corporate clients that are looking for something a little more in a website. So, is it worth the cost to go to college for web design? Here are a few things to consider before you invest in a web design degree.

There Will Be Some Competition

Whether you attend Maryville University or University of Miami for your degree, you will be up against everyone else in your class when you graduate. Not only are there specialist positions for web designers, but you could also be joining a big web design firm that is looking for artists and programmers for their platforms. Your degree will be worth the money, but you have to get ready for the rat race.

You Will Get to Do Something You Love

Of course, one of the biggest advantages of becoming a graphic designer or web designer in this day and age is that you will get to do something you love. There aren’t a lot of other positions that allow you the opportunity to do something that you love doing, especially if you are an artist. Indeed, web design is an art form.

You Need to Stand Out

Because of the competition, you will need to find ways to stand out from the crowd. Of course, you will need to design your own website, but you will also need to be aggressive in the way that you market yourself. You will be meeting a lot of different people when you are out in the world, so you will need to show them what your talents are in order to build your client list.

Networking Will Be Crucial

When it comes to meeting people and being out in the world, networking will be crucial. You will want to get your business card in the hands of as many people as possible. This is why going to forums and networking events is so important. You want to meet the people that could possibly hire you and refer you to other clients.

You Will Make a Lot of Money

On top of everything, getting your web design degree is worth it because you will be able to make a lot of money. The average salary for full time web designers ranges between 80K and 120K per year. In the end, you do need to work for your clients if you want to make the maximum average salary, but all that blood, sweat and tears will be worth it.

4 Benefits of Studying Web Design in College

Web design is one of the most recession-proof professions because there will always be more and more websites on the internet. The art of designing websites is always evolving, and even people who already have websites are constantly needing an update. That’s because what may look like a beautiful website one year, will look completely outdated and drab three years later. If you can develop a loyal set of clientele by truly satisfying them with your work, you could be working with those same people for many years to come and that base of clients will grow faster than you would ever expect. You will need to know how to work across several different platforms, and you will need to teach your clients how to run their own websites, but if you have a knack for making things intuitive and user friendly, you could be a very talented web designer. Here are four benefits of studying web design in college.

  1. Design Your Own Websites

These days, just about everybody needs a website, and if you decide to study web design, you’re going to need to design a website that advertises your skills as a web designer. No matter what business you have, it can often be tough to convey your vision to another web designer and to know that they are charging you appropriately. When you design your own personal website, you will be able to convey exactly what you want, without having to defer to anybody else.

  1. Study Online

Majoring in web design is great because it’s one of the easiest degrees to earn online. You can earn your degree from a top school like Marylhurst Online and you’ll never have to go away to college or quit your day job. This makes it much more convenient and affordable to earn your college degree and gain the skills you need to start a lucrative career. Once you graduate, you will be able to start turning all of your friends and family members into your personal clientele.

  1. Work for Yourself

There are a lot of different types of web design firms, but it’s also the type of profession where most people operate as independent contractors. This means that you won’t have any boss to answer to, and you will be able to decide exactly how much you want to charge for your work. It also means that you will need to take care of your own taxes, healthcare and dental, but it can be well worth it if you are a very independent person.

  1. Work From Anywhere

One of the best things about working for yourself and having all of your work done from a computer is that you can work from anywhere. Even if you decide to go the traditional route and study web design at a standard college like Florida State University, you will be able to work from home once you graduate. You’ll also be able to work while you travel, so you’ll still be making money while you’re spending it on vacation.

RSS Notebook Releases Complete Social Media Solution For Digital Marketers


(Big Lake, MN)–Recent statistics reveal nearly 80 percent of consumers prefer to connect with brands through social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter and further 77 percent of consumers have admitted  they were more likely to buy from companies with an active social media presence with 92 percent of people trusting the product reviews they read on social media and consulting them before making any purchasing decisions.

It is with these statistics in mind that RSS Notebook is announcing the release of their complete social media solution for digital marketers. This tool is designed to help them optimize their social media marketing campaigns and help them get more traffic to their website and increase the conversion rates of their visitors.

Paul Quist, a spokesperson for RSS Notebook, stated “Social media marketing has obviously become critical for any company looking to build their brand in increasingly-competitive markets. We are excited about having this tool out there in the marketplace for business owners to take advantage of. RSS Notebook is a social media marketing platform that allows marketers to interact with all of their social media campaigns at once. Using a number of our available tools, they find relevant, niche-specific content, post that content quickly and with ease, and attract and engage loyal followers, all from one convenient dashboard.”

The tools that RSS Notebook makes available to marketers include their Visual Composer and Content Research widgets that help them create compelling posts in a matter of seconds as well as their Social Blast and Post Scheduler tools which help them share relevant posts and schedule them to as many social media accounts as they wish. Finally, the Social Streams tool gives marketers the convenience of being able to interact with their social media accounts without ever having to leave the RSS Notebook environment, and the Traffic Statistics tool makes monitoring a breeze.

As Quist continues, “The team at RSS Notebook is quite proud of the robust platform that we’ve created for marketers. Ultimately, we want to help them grow their businesses, and we can’t think of a better way to do that than to help them take advantage of the huge growth opportunity they have with social media marketing.”

Those who would like to learn more about RSS Notebook and how it can benefit their business should visit

About RSS Notebook:

With social media networks are increasing in popularity as a preferred means for the discovery of product reviews, business websites, or trending social movements, RSS Notebook’s social media marketing platform allows business owners to interact with all of their social media networks to both promote and track their online viral social media marketing campaigns. They provide an extensive tool set in the member’s dashboard of the platform to allow for the flexibility and control that business owners need to find success with social media marketing.


May Casting Help Your Business Enhance Its Efficiency?

Any Heavy Duty Ball Casters is usually a single, two times, undriven or substance wheel which is made to end up being mounted to be able to the bottom level of some sort of larger subject so since to make it possible for that subject to end up being easily relocated. They are usually available inside various dimensions, and are generally commonly built of plastic, plastic, aluminum, synthetic material, or even stainless metal. Casters are generally found within numerous software, including purchasing carts, business office chairs, along with material coping with equipment. Higher capacity, casters are employed in numerous industrial software, such since platform vehicles, carts, and lines inside plants. Typically, casters work well upon smooth and also flat floors.

Swivel casting

Like the actual simpler rigorous caster, some sort of swivel caster incorporates any wheel installed to the fork, nevertheless an further swivel combined above the actual fork permits the derive to widely rotate concerning 360°, as a result enabling the particular wheel in order to roll inside any path. This can make it feasible to effortlessly move the actual vehicle inside any route without altering its positioning. Bearings for Airports are at times attached to be able to handles and so that a operator can easily manually fixed their positioning.

Braking casting

A swiveling caster together with a tires lock. Typically the vertical swiveling on this kind of type associated with caster are not able to be secured in placement. Common low-priced Air Cargo Ball Transfers might include any brake element, which helps prevent the tire from converting. This will be commonly reached using some sort of lever that will presses some sort of brake surveillance cams against typically the wheel. Nonetheless a swiveling caster is usually still capable to shift around a bit, in any small group rotating about offset long distance between the particular vertical the whole length and the actual center associated with the secured wheel.

Industrial casting

These casters on the large unit whose bodyweight can go beyond 500 kilos depending in driver along with top launching, and should be in a position to tolerate rough dealing with. Industrial casting are generally designed in order to carry major loads, inside some situations up for you to 35,000 pounds. A caster may get either any swivel or even caster design. Commercial casters normally have any flat best plate which has a number of bolt gaps to guarantee a strong connection among the best plate as well as the load.

Swivel casting

A far more complex kind of rotating caster, occasionally called the total secure caster, possesses an further rotational locking mechanism on the actual vertical canal so which neither the particular shaft may rotate or perhaps the steering wheel can switch, providing really rigid assist. It is actually possible to be able to use these types of two hair together or even separately.

Lolli Bean’s Introduces New Ways For Families To Save On Baby Essentials


(Chicago, IL)—According to, a leading pregnancy and childcare advice website, families often spend upwards of $2,000 preparing for the arrival of a new baby, and sometimes more when it’s their first child. Thus it’s important for families to make sure they are budgeting and spending that money wisely.

It is with this idea in mind that Lolli Bean’s is introducing four great ways to help their customers save on items that they purchase from the online store. Lolli Bean’s is unique in the fact they provide baby furniture that is safe and sustainable for the precious little ones in any family. Those who would like more information about the company’s specials or to see what they have to offer should visit

Sarah Bollman, a representative of the Lolli Bean’s brand, stated “We know families put a lot of effort into preparing for a new baby’s arrival. Our team loves little ones, and we want to do everything we can to make their arrival as easy as possible. Not only can families expect us to deliver on our promise of safe, sustainable furniture and decor, but they can also expect to save some money while shopping with us. When they sign up for our newsletter at our website, they’ll receive an exclusive code that will get them 5 percent off of their first purchase with us. In addition, Lolli Bean’s offers free shipping on qualifying orders over $50. Finally, those customers who reside outside of the state of Illinois will enjoy tax-free shopping at our online store.”

There is also a fourth way that customers can save at Lolli Bean’s, and that is with the exclusive specials that the online store periodically offers. These special promotions allow customers to get the best price on the items they’ve been eyeing or get cash back when they make a qualifying purchase. The team at Lolli Bean’s suggests that the best way to stay current on all of the specials they have available is to like their Facebook Page and sign up for the store’s newsletter.

As Bollman continues, “Seeing families get excited about their new arrival gets us excited as well, and it spurs us on in our mission to provide only the best for our customers. Creating ways for them to save while still getting what they need for their little bundles of joy is just one more way for us to better serve them during such a happy time in their lives.”

About Lolli Bean’s:

Lolli Bean’s is a provider of safe, sustainable, and natural products for the little loved ones in any household.